Whitelist is a special feature on the Lendsqr admin console and it is located under the "Customer management" tab in the customer’s section of the side navigation. The whitelist feature allows an admin to create a specific loan product for a user or a group of users using either the user(s)'s BVN, phone number or email. This loan product will only be available to the users that are linked to the product.

The whitelist feature can be used in different cases. For example;

You could have an arrangement with a specific company to give their employees loans at an interest not open to everyone on your app. Here a bulk whitelisting will quickly create this product and link it to the specific users from this company.

The whitelist feature could also be used to run promotions. If you have a set of returning good borrowers that you wish to appreciate, you could do a bulk whitelisting, enabling these users to access a new product only they can.

Finally, you could also whitelist a single user who you may have personally vetted using the single entry option.

Creating a whitelist

There are two ways to create a whitelist on the admin console. An admin can either create a single entry or multiple entries depending on the use case

To create a whitelist on the Lendsqr admin console, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the “Whitelist” sub-tab under the "Customer Management" tab in the Customers section.
  2. Click on the Add Whitelist button. This will show you a dropdown with the option to Create an Entry for single entries or Create Multiple for multiple entries.