NIBSS emandate is an innovative approach to activating a direct debit mandate. This type of mandate is electronically set up and customers are able to activate by themselves.

How to set up and activate emandate

  • The lender or biller would have initiated an emandate set up on the Lendsqr platform
  • The customer would then send a N50 transfer from the bank account on which the mandate is set up to a designated NIBSS account number at the Paystack-Titan
  • Transfer can be done from internet banking, mobile banking or USSD

Option #1
NIBSS Direct Debit Emandate Activation Account Account: 9020025928 Bank: Fidelity Bank Plc. You can transfer from USSD, mobile app or internet banking Option #2
NIBSS Direct Debit Emandate Activation Account Account: 9880218357 Bank: Paystack-Titan You can transfer from your mobile app and internet banking

What to note

  • Customers are encouraged to activate their mandate with the transfer within 24 hours of the mandate set up.
  • If the mandate is successful activated, the customer would get an email notifying them that their mandate has been approved.

Common issues and resolutions

  • Customers may not find Paystack-Titan on their list of banks in their mobile app. For example, SunTrust Bank. In this case, the lender or customer may be advised to use the traditional direct debit mandate approach

  • Customers may not be able to do the transfer through the mobile app. For example, Ecobank mobile app does not work for Paystack Titan. The customer is advised to do this via their internet banking.