Onboarding customers to your loan app can be a scary process at times. For example, how do you know that the person signing up is what they say they are.

Lendsqr has some security features to deter would be bad actors.

Liveness at onboarding.

Starting with our web apps and some select mobile apps, we now have free liveness checks for new customers.  What this does is that it forces the customer to prove they are alive during onboarding journey. 

Goodbye to guys who want to use stolen pictures onboard. This is available by default for all lenders.

Image comparison for selfie change

Some bad actors will try to change their selfies after they go onboard. We also compare your image with their identity documents (such as BVN in Nigeria) when they want to change their selfie. This ensures that whatever image they have in their profile is always theirs.

Document verification

As part of loan request, customers are usually required to upload some ID document. The system will now instantly review their upload and compare the image and if it doesn't match, the upload is rejected. Also, check that it’s the right document. 

This feature will reduce a lot of poor ID that some badly behaved customers upload when getting a loan. It will reduce the burden of lenders canceling loan requests because of poor ID.

To know more about how we protect lenders, please email support@lendsqr.com.