So while trying to fix the web SDK (which is not common knowledge to all) we introduced a new type of loan invitation. Or "Product Sharing" Basically unlike the existing loan invites which require you to provide your customer information (suitable for cold emails/SMS), this invite is open-ended and anybody can get access to your loan product.

 It is called "Magic Link" and when the relevant setup has been done on a lender's platform, they'd be able to copy their loan product link and share it publicly. 

This takes loan invites to the next level because, unlike direct loan invites which work well for cold marketing, this can work for various marketing campaigns and allow for instant customer onboarding just by clicking on the link and getting started.

The feature is available for all loan products except they have configurable loan forms, Oraculi SDKs, or manual loan booking

This product is made available for all lenders as it is a core lending feature. Each loan product has its magic link. 

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click the "Loan Products" sub-tab under the "Product Management" tab in the "Back Office" section

  3. Select the desired loan product

  4. Copy the magic link from the loan product overview area

  5. Share with your customers