Lendsqr being the “plug-n-play” solution for all lending activities has integrated with payment service providers to support the process of transfers, collections, and recovery within the lending stack provided. 

The term “Nuntius” simply means “messenger” in Latin and it is frequently used interchangeably with the term “disbursement accounts”. The Nuntius account is the account where all user withdrawal transactions occur.

To ensure a seamless experience, your loan approvals cannot be processed if your Nuntius balance is below the amount you wish to disburse.

Funding the Nuntius account

  1. Lenders can locate the dedicated virtual account created for them within the Lendsqr admin console; Pecunia. 
  2. On the side panel, the Disbursement section can be found under the section labeled “Businesses" 
  3. Upon clicking the Disbursement page, the virtual account number can be found at the top right of the page.
  4. Click to copy the account number and transfer funds into the account details copied.
  5. In a few minutes, the amount credited will reflect in the wallet balance.
  6. Watch this video to understand how to fund your disbursement account

Withdrawing from the Nuntius account 

Withdrawing from the Nuntius account is very simple and there are certain security steps to be taken.

  1. Only those with the “Super Admin” role can have permission to withdraw from the account. Watch this video to understand how to manage roles and permissions for your team members.

  2. The Super Admin must have 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled to perform this action as well. Watch this video to understand how to configure the 2-factor authentication

  3. Once the first two conditions are checked, the admin will be able to see the “Transfer” button at the top right of the disbursement account page.

  4. Click on the “Transfer” button and fill out the requested details. This includes
    1. Selecting the account you wish to make the transfer into

    2. The amount to be transferred

    3. A narration or description of the transaction. 

  5. Once this information has been submitted, the transaction takes place and the money is withdrawn from the disbursement account into the selected account.
  6. Watch this video to understand how to withdraw money from the Nuntius account.