As a lender, you have the capacity to either upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. 

Upgrading / Downgrading your subscription plan

When you decide to upgrade your subscription plan, you will be required to have sufficient funds in your services wallet to be charged for the upgrade. 

You are charged immediately and your new plan features will be instantly updated. For a successful upgrade, you are expected to have at least one card linked to your service’s wallet.

To downgrade your subscription plan, you are required to have enough funds in your services wallet and a card attached to your wallet. 

The new plan features would only take effect at the end of the current subscription and be updated at the next billing cycle.

Changing your plan

You can migrate from your current subscription to a preferred subscription by following these steps:

  1. Click the "Settings" icon

  2. Click On "Plans"

  1. Click on “Upgrade” to select your preferred subscription

Note: Your wallet balance is expected to have enough funds to be charged for the plan you wish to upgrade/downgrade to. You must also have a minimum balance of 10,000 in addition to the subscription amount to be able to pay for subscription.

You also cannot upgrade to a new plan if you have an outstanding bill.

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