The External loan feature is a powerful tool that enables you to easily send loan invites to your users to apply for loan offers from the Lendsqr admin console.

You can send invites from the console via multiple channels including SMS and email. With this feature, you can reach out to your users with personalized loan offers or select from one of your existing loan products and provide a hassle-free borrowing experience.

This feature is designed to simplify the loan application process and streamline communication between lenders and users. Users can receive loan invites via SMS and email and apply for loans with just a few clicks. 

Once your users apply for these loans, you will be able to view their loan request on the loan request page and approve such requests.

The external loan feature supports both single and multiple entries, allowing you to invite users individually or in bulk. This feature helps you save time and effort, as you can quickly create and send loan invites to a large group of users at once. Additionally, lenders can customize loan offers based on users' needs and preferences, leading to higher acceptance rates and improved user satisfaction.

In summary, the loan invite feature is a versatile and powerful tool that helps lenders expand their loan portfolio and provide a seamless borrowing experience for their users. With its support for SMS, email, and single/multiple entries, this feature is an essential component of any lender's toolkit.