Manual loan booking or offline loan is a feature on the  that enables  and creates loans for your customers even when they have never signed up to your mobile and web apps.

This feature is useful when you have customers who cannot sign up to your apps for one reason or the other. Or it allows you to quickly create a loan and disburse to customers who may just be engaging you from where they do not have access to the internet. 

For example, your customer may be in the market and need an emergency loan to complete a purchase. Once you approve the loan and it is disbursed to their account, they probably can use their debit card to complete that urgent purchase.

How to set up an offline loan product

To activate an offline loan product for manual loan booking follow the steps detailed below:

  • Navigate to the Loan Products page to view a newly created or edited product
  • Select the Product Attributes tab and navigate to channels

  • Click on the Channels attribute option to specify the offline channel

  • Click the edit button and set the loan to the “Offline” channel option and deselect all other channel options as the decision model for offline loans may be different.
  • Click the save button


            Watch this video that explains how the manual loan booking feature works on Lendsqr.