Overtime lending has evolved the process of just catering to the credit needs of borrowers. The relentless effort of those that wish to outsmart the system has posed a great concern to the entire lending space.

Hence, lenders are always on the lookout for technological solutions that would secure their platform from the bad actors within the system. 

Security and safety is at the very core of Lendsqr’s operations. This has led us to develop tools for lenders to adequately control users’ activities and implement some restrictions on their platform.

One of these restrictions is the location setting that can be configured on the Lendsqr management console; Pecunia. Lenders have the liberty to limit their lending services to only those in specific locations that they are comfortable lending to.

This geofencing feature is totally configurable to include or dropoff any location as determined solely by the lender.

How to configure location settings

Configuring the preferred location of your users is a piece of cake within Lendsqr. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section on the side panel.

  2. Click on Preferences.

  3. Click on System under the tab labeled System Settings

  4. When the page open, click on Location Restrictions

  5. You can now configure your location restriction for the various options provided.