To book a loan manually for any customer using the offline loan channel, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to either the CustomersLoans or Loan Requests pages on the Lendsqr admin console.

  2. Select the “Book New Loan” button on the page

  3. Enter all the details of the existing customer per what has been provided to you by the customer and click on the “Book New Loan” button to create the loan request.

  4. Proceed to the Loan requests page on the Lendsqr admin console to approve the request. This system works well for teams with a 2-step approval process whereon

Data collected for loan booking



Phone number

The customer’s phone number as provided


The specific loan amount you’re booking for the customer. Must fall within the specified amount range for the loan product

Loan Tenor

The specific loan duration for the loan you are booking for this customer. Must fall within the specified tenor range for the loan product


The offline loan product you created

Disbursement Method

Where the money should be sent to after approving the loan.

Choose the bank option if the customer has no app and the money would be disbursed directly to their bank account.


  • Bank

  • Wallet


The reason the customer is requesting for the loan

Marital status

The customer’s marital status.


  • Single

  • Married

  • Divorced

  • Widowed

Number of dependents

The number of children the customer has

Type of residence

The type of residence the customer lives in.


  • Their rented apartment

  • with their parents 

  • own house

Educational attainment

The level of educational attainment the customer possesses


  • MSc

  • BSC, HND and other equivalent

  • Diploma

  • School cert

Sector of employment

The sector of employment the customer works in.


  • Agriculture

  • Banking

Employment category

The current employment category which the customer’s work falls under


  • Artisan

  • Enterprise

  • Private company

  • Local government: Public

  • State: Public

  • Federal: Public

Monthly Net Income

The customer’s income

Employment Status

The current employment status of the customer


  • Unemployed

  • Employed

  • Self-employed

  • Retired

Work start date

The date the customer started working with their current employer.

Work email address

The customer’s official email address, if they have one.

Current employer

The customer’s current place of employment