To create a new customer before booking a loan request, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to either the "Customers", "Loans" or "Loan Requests" sub-tabs on the Lendsqr Admin console.

  2. Click the “Book New Loan” button on the page

  3. Enter the BVN of the customer you wish to create the loan for. The system validates the number and checks if the customer exists on your platform. If the customer does not, you will see the option to create a customer.

  4. Select the option to create a customer and enter all relevant customer details. These details are similar to what the customer would have submitted if they were onboarding via the app.

  5. After entering all relevant details (see data collected for customer creation below), click on the “Create customer” button. This will automatically create a customer and send them a welcome email

  6. You can then proceed to click the “Book loan” button to book a new loan for the customer you have created. See how to book loan manually for a customer to book a loan for a customer.


Data collected for customer creation

To create a loan offline for a customer, you will need to ensure the following data are collected from the customer.

Most of these data will however be fetched from the records associated with their Bank Verification Number (BVN).



Customer passport image 

This should be a clear passport photograph of the customer similar to the selfie upload done during onboarding.

The image size should be less than 20 MB.

Phone number

The customer’s phone number iin 080x xxx xxxx format.


The customer’s valid email address


The customer’s BVN. Please note we also check if this BVN has been submitted on the platform as well. If this is the case, you would be required to 

Phone number on BVN

The phone number assigned to the customer’s BVN in 080x xxx xxxx format. This would be used to validate their ownership of the BVN they provided

Date of Birth (DOB)

The customer’s DOB. This would be used to validate their ownership of the BVN they provided


The customer’s street address


The city where the customer resides 


The state where the customer resides


The local government where the customer resides

Account Number

The customer’s main bank account number


The customer’s bank


All documents you require the customer to provide for review before giving them a loan. 

Please note that it is important to provide all these documents beforehand as you would not be able to reupload them after creating the customer.