If a user's loan is past due but the money has not been taken, there could be various reasons for this occurrence. Here are some of the common factors to consider:

Insufficient Funds: One possible reason for the loan being past due is that the user's bank account lacks sufficient funds to cover the loan repayment. In such cases, the payment transaction will not be successful. It is important for users to ensure they have enough funds in their accounts to avoid any delays or issues with loan repayments.

Whitelisting Requirement: Users who have bank accounts at GTBank and Zenith Bank may need to have their accounts whitelisted by their respective banks. Whitelisting is a process that authorizes Lendsqr to access and debit the user's account for loan repayments. This process is typically managed by the Lendsqr support team on support@lendsqr.com, which communicates the necessary instructions to the Remita team. The Remita team then coordinates with the banks to complete the whitelisting procedure.

If a user's loan is past due and the money has not been taken, it is recommended to consider these factors. Users should ensure they have sufficient funds in their bank accounts and verify whether their account requires whitelisting for loan repayments, particularly if they have accounts at GTBank or Zenith Bank. For any issues or concerns, users can reach out to the Lendsqr support team for assistance in resolving the situation promptly.