Oraculi is a modular and sequential service displayed in JSON format. For ease of understanding, these items hold more nested data within each parent/sub-parent item.

To see more details of the Oraculi item in the decision data;

  1. click on Oraculi to see a breakdown of the modules checked to determine the eligibility of the user

  2. When this is expanded, the different modules that apply will be presented in separate objects, represented as different lines (in this case, 0-5). You can also see the name of each module/service when reading the lines to know which to expand on.

  3. To see more details of an individual module, click on the module to expand the object and display the additional details. Repeat this process till all objects are fully expanded and all details can be reviewed.

Viewing the Oraculi modules

The modules displayed to you are driven by the decision model configured for each loan product. By default, Karma, Whitelist, Ecosystem, ML and Scoring modules will be present in any decision model as these are inhouse Lendsqr services offered to all lenders. Optional modules include Credit Bureau, Balance, Statement and Income modules which are services obtained from external providers. If interested in these modules, kindly contact your Lendsqr support officer for more information.