Understanding Decision Data

Decision data consists of the checks and scoring that were done by the system to determine the eligibility of a user. The decision data is a compilation of all modules configured within the Oraculi decision model of the lender. The decision model is what drives the checks and scoring done and the result is displayed as the decision data.

Understanding the decision data before approving a loan is very important as it shows you all checks your user passed and to what degree for some. With the decision data, you can still decide to decline a loan if some details are not acceptable to you.

The decision data is also displayed under system declined loan requests which will also help in investigative checks to determine why a user was deemed ineligible.

Understanding a user’s decision data

The decision data comes back in JSON format and is represented in a modified version of that for easy understanding. We discuss this more in the Oraculi decision model section. 

The decision data of a loan request can be divided into 4 sections. These are:

  1. General Details: This is the high-level summary of a user’s loan request. It shows;

    1. the overall decision (eligible or not eligible) 

    2. pass status (true or false depending on whether the user passed the checks or not),

    3. the engine used for the decision model which is typically Oraculi 

    4. the user’s credit score (which is determined by the scoring service within the Oraculi decision model) etc.

  2. Attributes: This section displays the details of the user filled by the user on a configurable loan form during the loan application process. It contains the information as customized by the lender as such it may vary from loan product to loan product. It is however worthy of note that this section is only displayed when the loan product the user applies for has a customized loan form configured for it. 

  3. Offers: In the case that a user is deemed eligible by the system, based on the decision model configuration for offers and what the user requested, the system will generate an offer and present it to the user. This can be viewed directly in the offer section as well

  4. Oraculi: This is the core of the decision model and data. Oraculi is the engine that drives the scoring and eligibility checks of every user that applies for a loan. The checks are done sequentially meaning if a user fails the first module check (e.g Karma), they will be unable to proceed to the next check unless specified otherwise. More details here

  5. Reasons: For requests that failed and the user was deemed ineligible, the failure reason is displayed here.

Please note that items 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be expanded when clicked on. Items with the arrows beside them indicate there are more details nested within them and these details can be viewed by clicking on the parent section/item.