How to get your disbursement account number

  1. Navigate to the “Disbursements Transactions” tab under the Transaction Management grouping

  2. On the top right corner of the Nuntius disbursement page, you can find your disbursement account number and you can copy it.

How to search for a transaction in your disbursement account

  1. Navigate to the “Disbursement Transactions” tab under Transaction Management

  2. On the Transaction disbursement page, you can filter for a transaction. Click on “Filter By“ to get all the options available to filter by. You can filter by transaction ID, type, account number etc.

  3. After filtering for a transaction, you will then click on the row of the transaction you wish to view its details.

  4. This will redirect you to the transaction’s details page.

Watch this video below to understand how to transact with your disbursement account