Users provide their guarantor details on the app. The details provided by the users can be viewed on the Lendsqr admin console.

To view guarantor details on the Lendsqr admin console, follow the steps below:

1.    Click on the “Customer management” menu and then the ‘Guarantors’ sub-menu from the side navigation to view the following; 

  • Total number of guarantors

  • Amount guaranteed

  • Number of loans guaranteed

  • Pending validation

  • Summarized view of guarantors

2.    Admin can ‘Filter by’; 

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • BVN

3.    Click on ‘Filter

4.    After filtering a guarantor, click on the guarantor to view the details including the following:

  • General Details - This section contains the details of the guarantor.

  • Users - This section contains the details of the user.