How to Edit a Product Attribute

Follow the steps below to edit a product attribute:

  • Navigate to the "Loan Products" sub-tab under the “Product Management” tab in the customer’s section of the side navigation. 

  • Select an existing loan product and click on the "Product Attributes" tab

  • Select the available attribute on the page and edit accordingly.

You can edit the following attributes:

Guarantor Required: When set to true, borrowers would be required to provide guarantors as part of the loan process. Guarantors can be as many as required and you can use the "Number of guarantors" settings to determine how many guarantors should be provided by the borrower.


Guarantor Message for Borrower: This is the message that is displayed to the borrower at the time of loan request to show that guarantors are required as part of the loan process.


Guarantor message: This is the message that is displayed to the guarantor of a loan when they want to provide and validate their details.


Guarantor Oraculi modules: This setting controls the Oraculi decision modules that the system would use to validate a guarantor. Options are Karma, Ecosystem, Scoring, Statement, Income, etc.


Guarantors Required: The number of guarantors that a borrower must provide before this loan can proceed to approval


Channels Availability: The channels for which a loan product should be available. For example, when set to Android, the loan products would only show on Android devices


Statement Data Provider: The provider of statement data. Options are Mono, Fenestra or Oraculi. Oraculi only works for loan products exclusively on Android devices.


Custom Form Builder: This configuration drives the configurable loan forms which allow a lender to get additional data from customers during the loan approval process

Card Payments Provider: This is the setting to select the card payment processor and provider. Examples include: Paystack, Seerbit, etc.

Location Required: This setting drives if a product requires location or not. If set, then it would prompt the mobile or web app to request location. If not granted by the user, the request will fail

Loan Prequalification: This setting controls if a customer can be prequalified for the loan. When set to true, when a customer signs up, the system can automatically run a loan request for the customer

Loan Offer Expiry: Duration in hours after which a loan offer expires. Within this period, a customer can accept a loan offer and turn it into a loan. Defaults to 750 hours, which is a month

Request Payment Method: This setting determines which part of the loan request journey the customer is required to provide a payment method. When set to before-loan-request, the customer would be prompted after they have inputted their loan request. When set to after-loan-request, the customer will be prompted when the loan offer is accepted

Repayment Methods: This setting determines which payment methods your customers will be asked to use for their loan repayments. When none is selected, the customer will be requried to pick one.

Loan Extension Setting: Specify loan extension settings