The settlement tab on Pecunia shows you the expected settlement received for each day. It also shows you a summary of your total settlement from Lendsqr on this page as well. You can export the data from this page and do a reconciliation against the actual funds you receive to ensure that the data tallies.

The Reports section on Pecunia also provides you with this settlement data. You could export the Daily Settlement report on Pecunia to see the inflows for each day.


Locating your settlement data

To locate your daily settlement data on Pecunia;

  1. Navigate to the “Settlements” tab on Pecunia under the Businesses section.

  2. On this page, you will the settlement transactions for each day. Click on the settlement transaction for the day you wish to review.

Locating your daily settlement

Exporting your settlement data

To export your daily settlement data;

  1. Follow step 1 as highlighted in the section above.

  2. Click on the Export button at the right corner of the page

  3. Select the preferred format. Either Excel or CSV, to download your settlement data.

Exporting your settlement data for a day