The Settlement and Reconciliation Process

Every transaction in the Lendsqr ecosystem has a unique transaction reference. For most transactions, this would be the same transaction reference by the payments processor. Every transaction settled has the original transaction reference that allows you to reference the original transaction, confirm the actual status and reconcile that transaction.

To aid with the reconciliation process there are two reports that can be very useful. These are the "Daily Settlement Report" which provides the settlement data and the Transaction report which provides all your transaction data.

Report/data type


Settlement data

You can view and download the transaction data of your settlement from the Lendsqr Admin console using the Reports Menu and selecting the Daily Settlement report. You can filter your data with start and dates.

Transaction data

You can view and download your transaction data from the Lendsqr Admin console using the Reports Menu and selecting the Transaction report. You can filter your data with start and dates; and also with transaction status. 

Our Settlement Process Journey

At the end of each day, our system would gather all the funds we have received for you from the various services your app is set up for in a single pool. We would then apply the various transaction processing fees as agreed and then transfer the net settled funds as a single transfer to your nominated bank account.

Settlement is done only on business days for all the transactions done since the last settlement. Irrespective of the number of days to be settled, which can be as many as 5 days when national holidays usually land on Monday and Tuesdays, for example, you will be paid one bulk amount per day. This makes the reconciliation of transactions easier for you.

Because we depend on the payments providers integrated into Lendsqr, our settlement processes usually run between 3 pm and 6 pm per day. If your payments are delayed for whatsoever reason, our operations officers would be in touch by email.


Your settlement transactions are usually labeled as SC YYYYMMDD Settlement. Where SC represents a short code assigned to you by Lendsqr, YYYYMMDD representing the transaction date in question. This formatting allows you to instantly recognize the date for which a specific transaction format is for.