The Oraculi decision model has two main settings. The first of which are Decision Model Settings which handles the entire module checks and Offer Settings. 

These checks used to determine a user’s eligibility are displayed under a user’s loan profile as Decision Data. To understand a user’s decision data, kindly visit the link here.

Decision model settings handle the entire module checks while the offer setting handles the loan offer presented to users after passing the checks.

Decision model settings

The decision model setting is the high-level setting used to specify how the entire model will act. Within the decision model setting, you can; 

  • specify the sequence of the modules which is the order in which the checks occur

  • specify key attributes of the modules. For example, the minimum amount for your scoring module cut-off

  • set the continue on failure condition to true or false for each module. For example, If set to false and a user fails that check, they will not proceed to the next check etc.

Below is the default decision model setting that will exist for all models you create. 



  1. You can choose to reorder the sequence, but we advise that Karma is the first module in the sequence.

  1. The ML (Machine Learning) module must always be after the ecosystem module.

  1. Additional modules such as credit_bureau, balance, statement and income exist and make use of external providers (CRC, Mono etc.). To include these modules, kindly contact Lendsqr support staff for more information.