Settlement refers to all the credit transactions Lendsqr has received on your behalf. It is the inflow that comes in through the various payment channels on your app (USSD, Card, Bank transfer to Virtual Account). All inflows we receive will eventually be settled to you on a T+1 basis every weekday. Transactions that occur over the weekend and public holidays are settled on the next business day.

On Pecunia, you can view your daily settlement details via the Settlement tab. Here, a breakdown of your settlement transactions for each day is displayed to you.

Settlement for each day is for only successful transactions. There are other transaction statuses that may occur on a particular day. 

See below a list of typical transactions statuses and what they mean for your settlement:

Transaction Status



The transaction was completed, we got feedback from the payment processor that it was successful and we have received funds.


The transaction failed, we got feedback from the payment processor that it failed, and we will not be receiving funds.


We are not sure that the transaction was successful or we did not get feedback from the payment processor that it was successful.


The customer did not complete or abandoned the transaction