Decision models are set of rules that encapsulate the risk acceptance criteria for a lender to make a loan decision. In Lendsqr, these rules or decision models are processed by our service called Oraculi. 

Oraculi is the service that handles all modules required to form the decision model for a lender. It is a modular and sequential service meaning that each check is a specific module and is done in a sequence. If a user should fail a module check, they will be unable to proceed to the next one in the sequence unless specified otherwise. 

Each lender has a default decision model generated when they are set up on the Lendsqr Admin Console. 

However, you can create new models and link each model to each of your products. To configure your decision model accurately, you must first understand JSON as this is the format used in configuring the decision models. 

Watch the video below to learn more about decision models: