Reports are data that we make available to lenders for the purpose of reporting, analytics, audit etc. There are different reports that we make available to lenders, we have reports on users, loan applications, sign ups, loan performance, transactions, loan repayments etc.

Reports are made available to lenders in a tabular format. You can filter this data through the various filters made available on the report page. You can also download a report as a .csv, .xlsx and .json format.

How to view a report

  1. Navigate to the “Reports” tab in the side navigation menu
  2. On the reports page, you will see different cards for the different reports that exist.
  3. Click on the desired report you wish to view. This will redirect you to the report data page

  4. On the report data page, at the top- corner of the page, you will see the available filters for filtering the data 
  5. As the main content of the report data page, you will see a table with multiple rows of data. This data represents the different records available for the report.
  6. At the bottom-right of the table, we have the navigation and the number of rows available for the report
  7. Right below the navigation, we have the cloud icon that when clicked will give you the different format options that you can download. The available formats are .csv, .xlsx, .json.

Watch these videos to understand how to view and download reports

  1. How to view reports

   2. How to download reports