Loan Reports

To provide you with a proper context into your loan metrics we have created different reports on your loan data. These reports include:

  1.  Loans: this report is very robust and has most of the data point on all loans that you have. It includes the user details, the loans they applied for, the status of the loan, the payments details on the loan, guarantor details if any and referral details

  2. Loan Requests: this report has the raw data on all the loan requests that you have on your platform. The borrower details, the loan details and the loan status.

  3. Loan Performance:  this report has the graphical representation of how your loans are performing. It measures performance by different metrics e.g. gender, marital status, educational attainment etc.

  4. Past Due Loans: this report has all the details on loans on your platform that are past due. It has borrower’s details, loan details, payment details etc.

  5. Declined Loans: this report has the details on all the loans that have been declined by your admin on the platform. It has the borrower details, loan details and relevant dates.

  6. Failed Loan requests: this report has the raw data on loan requests that failed after the system processed them. It has the user’s details, the credit score details and the failed reason.

  7. Loan Payments: this report has the details of all payments that have been made with regards to a loan. It has the borrower identifier, the loan id and the payment details.

  8. Loan Repayment Breakdown by Borrower or by Date: these reports have the details of loan repayments broken down by either the borrower making the repayment or by the number of repayment made per date.