The Lendsqr admin console is the administrative console used to manage your entire lending system with Lendsqr. Everything you need to successfully run and manage your lending business can be done from the Lendsqr admin console. 

Getting started on Lendsqr is easy. This guide would walk you through the following:

  • What do i need to sign up on Lendsqr and Why do i need them

  • Signing up on Lendsqr

  • Setting up your Lending account

What do I need to sign up to Lendsqr

Lendsqr offers a comprehensive range of services and products tailored to Microfinance Institutions, SME Lenders, Fintechs, Human Resources, and other similar industries. Before you proceed with the sign-up process, it is essential to indicate your role and specify the service you are interested in. This information allows Lendsqr to provide you with the appropriate resources that best suit your needs.

To actively sign up as a lender on Lendsqr, the following information and documents are necessary. However, you can proceed to sign up without your business documents handy as those can be updated later on:

  1. Personal and Business Identification Information to validate your identity 

  • Full Name: Provide your complete legal name.

  • Mobile Number: Submit a valid mobile contact number.

  • Email Address: Provide an active email address for communication purposes.

  • Address: Provide your current residential or business address. 

  1. Business Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation: Submit the official document that certifies your business's legal incorporation.

  • Company License: Provide any relevant licenses or permits that authorize your lending business's operation.

  • Logo: Submit your company logo, which will help establish your brand identity on the Lendsqr platform.

  1. Bank Account Details

  • Bank Account Information: Provide the necessary details of your bank account. This information will be used to set up your web application, which you can share with your customers for accessing your products and facilitating repayments.

Signing up on Lendsqr

The sign-up process is seamless and straightforward. During this process, it is essential to select the option that accurately defines your role and objectives. Upon completion of the sign-up process, an email will be sent to the provided email address to validate and finalize your account set-up.