Pecunia is the Admin back office used to manage your entire lending system with Lendsqr. Everything you need to successfully run and manage your lending business can be done from Pecunia. 

Getting started on Lendsqr is easy. This guide will help you set up and manage your Lendsqr account. This guide will also help you understand your dashboard better so you can easily navigate through the different sections and modules.

To get started, you will receive an email invite from an administrator on the platform (this could be an admin from Lendsqr or your organization).

Fun fact: Pecunia means money in Latin. At Lendsqr, we sometimes name our services and products after interesting Latin names. 

Setting up your lending account

  1. Once you have received the email invite, click on the “Setup your account” button. 

  2. This will redirect you to the Pecunia signup page where you will be expected to enter your name, phone number and password. 

You can always change and update these details from your profile settings after you have signed in successfully. 

If you do not receive the invite, first check your spam mail to confirm then contact your team admin or Lendsqr support staff for assistance.