What is Oraculi SMS SDK?

The Oraculi SMS SDK is our new improvement to provide effective insights into the Android customers of lenders. The need came about when we noticed a trend in the Android users across our lenders' platforms that were intentionally trying to game the system by not repaying their loans. This feature is available for only Android users because, from our data analysis, they are the crowd with the highest default rate.

With the Oraculi SMS SDK embedded into your Android mobile application, you can spool bank SMS data directly from your users’ mobile devices in order to make the right decision when these types of users try to apply for a loan. Kindly find the major steps in utilizing this solution

Setting this up for your organisation

  1. Setting up the Oraculi SMS SDK is very easy and straightforward. Kindly communicate this request to the Growth team via your account manager. Or you can reach out to the Support team so this can be communicated and put forward for implementation.

  2. When the setup has been done by the Growth team, you can confirm the following.

  • Channels under the product attribute for the specific loan product is set to Android.

    • This means that the loan product will only show on Android devices. You will need to create a similar loan product and set the channel to IOS &Web so that IOS users will see a similar loan product on their app.pp

  • The data provider is set to oraculi

    • Kindly note that once the data provider is set to oraculi, the system will not use mono for the loan requests.

  • The statement provider under the decision model is set to Oraculi

  • Note that if any of these differ, then you can contact the Growth team so it can be looked into