• Inviting new team members

  • Viewing member details

  • Managing team member roles

  • Creating new admin roles.

Inviting new members.

On the “preferences” tab, the admin navigates to the “teams“ page and clicks on the “invite a member“ button on the top right part of the screen, and inputs the following user details:

  • Email address.

  • The role to be invited as. (This could be a super admin or any custom settings put up by the currently existing admin.)

Viewing member details.

On the “Teams“ page, the admin can see a list of already existing members of the team with their details and roles, and permissions.

Managing team member roles.

On the “Preferences” tab, the admin navigates to “roles and permissions”, the page displays the list of currently existing roles for admin. The admin should be able to modify the permissions given to each member and their roles will be updated.

Creating new roles.

On the “Preferences” tab, the admin navigates to the “roles and permission“ page. The admin will go-ahead to create a new role with various permissions like:

  • Loan approval permission 

  • Document approval or decline permissions.

  • User activation and deactivation permission and many more features.