• Profile management

  • Support channel set up

  • Tier management

  • 2FA (Links back to “how do I set up 2FA)

  1. Under profile management, an admin will be able to edit the organization’s logo and details. The details include: name, phone number, address, email address, website, and RC number.

  2. Under this section, an admin can edit the details of the support channels available. 

  3. Under this section, an admin can edit the existing tier details as well as create new tiers. 

  4. Two Factor Authentication, an admin can activate this feature to allow for an extra layer of security for the admin’s account. When an admin clicks to activate 2FA, a QRCode is generated and the admin is required to scan this. After the scan, an admin is required to have an authentication app that will generate tokens for the admin during subsequent logins.