The Pecunia dashboard gives you an overview of the entire organization and the metrics that pertain to your organization's performance. When you first log in, it is the page you will see first and you can navigate through the entire Pecunia platform through this view.

To provide an overview of the Pecunia dashboard, we can divide this page into two sections:

  1. Section 1: Side Navigation Pane

  2. Section 2: Homepage dashboard

1. Side Navigation Pane: The side navigation pane contains all the necessary attributes and parameters that pertain to your organization's day-to-day operations. It has three categories to help manage and control your view. 

2. These categories are CustomersBusinesses, and Settings

  • Customers: This tab holds the details of what your users have inputted on the mobile app. The items under this tab allow you as an admin to directly view and manage a user's details and activities.

  • Businesses: Here, as an admin, you can manage what the user sees on the app and also get a full view of the transactions occurring on the mobile app.

  • Settings: Under here, you can manage the Pecunia platform itself. Invite new team members, Edit the organization profile, and much more.

3. Homepage/Landing page dashboard: The landing page dashboard provides a quick view of the organization’s total number of users, loans, and savings (if applicable). You also get a view of the most recent logins.